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"We communicate the most critical flight information, using a system invented in 1920,
with a format unchanged since 1924, burying essential information that will lose a
pilot their job, an airline their aircraft, and passengers their lives,
in a mountain of unreadable, irrelevant bullshit."

http://flightservicebureau.org The problem of bullshit notams

We have a solution for you

The project is dedicated to solve one of the recurent probleme in the aviation industry; pages and pages of NOTAMs without any order system. We are developing a solution that uses machine learning and other computing process to go trough the NOTAMs and get it in an order that match your preferences.

NOTAM Classifier team

Principales features

Easy classification update

Update your classifier on the fly to better suit your preferences

Create your own classification

You can create as many classification system as you wish to match your preferences