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"We communicate the most critical flight information, using a system invented in 1920,
with a format unchanged since 1924, burying essential information that will lose a
pilot their job, an airline their aircraft, and passengers their lives,
in a mountain of unreadable, irrelevant bullshit."

http://flightservicebureau.org The problem of bullshit notams

Frequently Ask Questions

Q - How do you make a request?:

A - Go to NOTAM request page (you will have access to this page only when you are registered and logged in), write the airport's ICAO code you would like to check, chose your classifier or the default classifier, specify the date and time to check and press send.

Q - Why I don't get any NOTAMs?:

A - First make sure that the identification code you are using is correct and try again. If that doesn't work, sent us a email we will try to resolve the issue with you.

Q - Can I try without registering?:

A - Unfortunatly NO, the system needs to be able to track your account to work correctly.

Q - Can I use this service as my primary source of NOTAM?:


Q - Can I access my request's history without internet access?:

A - Not at this point, we are planning to include this feature in a near future.

Q - What's a "classifier"?:

A - A classifier is a system to order the NOTAMs. Depending on the example you give it in training, the system will analyse the airport's NOTAM requested and try to match that order as close as possible

Q - What are DEFAULT classifier?:

A - Default classifier are classifier built and controled by the Notam Classifier Team, feel free to try them.

Q - What are STARTUP classifier?:

A - Startup classifier are classifier that have been started by the Notam classifier team, but are unblocked to let you modify it to match your liking. They are an alternative to creating your own classifier form scratch.

Q - Can I print my report (printer friendly):

A - Not at this point, that feature will be added in the future.

Q - Can I make my own classifier?:

A - YES you can, look at the Create Classifier section for more help.

Q - Create your own Classifier:

A - As you make requests with the default classifier, select NOTAMs that you find important AND not important. That will train your classifier and make it learn your needs regarding NOTAM order. Once you have a good bank, go to Classifier page, give it a name, select all the NOTAMs that you want to be included and click send. We STRONGLY suggest that you make a lot of tests before completely trusting your own classifier.

Q - I want to support your project:

A - If you want to support us, consider subscribe to our project and tell your friends to subscribe. We also have a donate button (top of the page), if you have no interest in subscribing but wanting to make a donation.

Q - I am not satisfied, can I get a refund?:

A - Yes you can, we will refund your last month and disactivate your account. Send us an email. See Contact us.

Q - I didn't find the answer to my question, how do I contact you?:

A - The best way is to write us an email, we will do our best to answer quickly to your requests. See Contact us.

Q - What do you used for payment method?:

A - We use Paypal System, every transaction is handle trough their system.

Q - I don't have a paypal acount, do you accept other forms of payment:

A - Unfortunally no for individual subscription, all our payment system is based on paypal. (enterprise see bellow)

Q - Enterprise:

A - Our enterprise wants to help you create multiple accounts all at once. Contact us, we will set you UP. Also, we offer other form of payment for Enterprise (Multiple accounts).